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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions are answered below.

Contact me if you want to know more or are interested in booking an initial consultation.

Where are sessions held?

Sessions are held in the client’s setting, home, workplace, etc, or Zoom. Suitability of space will be discussed in the consultation. Hire of a venue possible at client’s cost.

What ages are sessions suitable for?

I offer yoga and meditation for all ages including children. I offer Reiki for adults 18 and over.

What equipment do I need for yoga or meditation?

Clients may use their own yoga mat, cushions, blankets, and other yoga props or these can be provided for individual sessions. I teach in such a way that equipment is not necessary though it may be beneficial in some situations. Often we can use items already found in the home. I offer sessions that can be conducted entirely seated in a chair. Comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely is needed.

What equipment do I need for Reiki?

Clients are asked to wear comfortable clothing for a reclined position. Additionally, a blanket and pillow may increase comfort. I can also conduct the session on my portable reclining chair.

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