What is The Glean Life?

glean (verb): to gather something, such as material or information, gradually

The spirit of The Glean Life is that knowledge gained and behaviours formed piece by piece over time can have profound effects on our lives.

Information and tools around wellness are abundant. While this is helpful, it can also lead to information overload and frustration understanding what may be most beneficial in our own lives. 

The Glean Life was created to work with people that are curious about how the philosophies and practices of yoga, meditation, or Reiki may be helpful to them. By understanding each individual's unique situation, I guide clients down their own paths, one step at a time as they apply these systems in their lives.

The Glean Life offers customisable yoga, meditation, and Reiki services to groups and individuals in one-off sessions or longer programmes. Sessions are delivered in a variety of settings such as workplaces, schools, private venues, or homes. My goal is to help clients find their own way through education, encouragement, and compassion.

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