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Yoga and Meditation

Finding your unique practice

Yoga is for anyone who wishes to practice. I believe that we are our own best teachers and I aim to help clients find a practice that is uniquely theirs through bespoke 1-1 and group sessions. 

Some examples of why clients seek this personalised approach:

- to revive, deepen, or build confidence in their practice

- to feel more comfortable participating in a variety of settings (studio, gym, at home, at work, online)

- to practice with a specific group (friends, family, work colleagues) 

- to have guidance finding the most relevant methods for their needs

- to adapt their practice due to change in circumstance (injury, time constraint, etc)

- to have help getting started!

Sessions can be held in a variety of ways including seated in chairs or at a desk (great for workplace sessions). I have specialised training in yoga for brain longevity and accessible, inclusive yoga for all body types and ranges of motion.

Contact me for a free 20 minute consultation.

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