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Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

Building healthy habits with education, action, accountability, and support

I am a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach (Dip, IHS) and member of the UK and International Health Coaches Association.  

I consult with clients to understand what wellness means to them, what they’d like to achieve, and most importantly why.


Determining why an individual wishes to make changes to their nutrition and lifestyle habits provides focus and motivation. Together we look at nutrition and factors such as stress management, sleep, movement/exercise, and social connection to identify areas for optimisation and set appropriate milestone goals on the path to their personal vision of wellness. 


As a coach I apply my expertise to analyse these factors, educate clients on areas of focus, help them choose and set achievable goals, and provide support to encourage them and aid motivation to enable sustainable change.  

Contact me for a free 20 minute consultation.

Find out more about how coaching works and what can be achieved below.

How can coaching help?


A qualified coach helps sift through the wealth of nutrition and wellness information available, find what is relevant to you, set reasonable goals, and provide impartial support throughout this process, particularly as circumstances evolve. 


Types of goals suitable for Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching include: 

  • Improve sleep

  • Manage stress

  • Increase energy levels

  • Understand and improve personal nutrition

  • Increase plant-based foods or otherwise improve nutritional quality and variety 

  • Increase activity level

  • Improve confidence making choices relevant to personal wellness

  • Adjust nutrition and lifestyle strategies due to life changes 

  • Weight management


I do not propose restrictive diet plans or elimination of food groups (unless already previously eliminated by client and/or their health professional). 


How does coaching work?

I offer a free 20-minute exploratory call to answer questions about my services, for us both to decide if Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching is suitable, and if I may be the right coach for you. Following this, all my packages begin with information gathering via a questionnaire and conversation in person or via Zoom. I then analyse the client information provided and come back with my findings and suggestions in a first consultation. 

Depending on the package, this consultation may include a nutritional analysis report, sample meal plans, recipe ideas, information sheets, goal setting, or longer-term programmes. Follow up consultations are also dependent on the package selected as detailed on the Pricing page. 

Disclaimer: Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching is not suitable for treating or diagnosing medical or psychiatric conditions, offering medical advice, or symptom management. A GP or other health professional must be consulted for medical attention or treatment. Individuals under medical care for some conditions may be referred to their GP or other health professional. 

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